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Super Groovy Cosmic Bus Interview

Autonomics interviewed at Cymaspace by Heather Hanson. Shot and edited by Nick Gattman Super Groovy Cosmic Bus - December 9, 2014  … [Read more]

Portland Mercury reviews new EP

...The Portland Mercury, Tuesday Aug 5, 2014 Portland band Autonomics recorded the entirety of their new EP, Keep Tulsa Ugly, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, while on a day-and-a-half break from tour. The urgency puts the band in the best possible light, as … [Read more]

Autonomics release video for “You Had Me At Surf Punk

[Read more]

Portland’s PDXPick Delivers Terrific Album Review

PDXPick, by Sarah Creedican, June 4, 2013 "Two years ago, The Autonomics won the highly competitive, talent packed Portland Battle of the Bands Smackdown, produced by DRD Records."  [As a result, Autonomics have recorded]...."a full-length album … [Read more]

‘Catchy, Raw Punk Energy’

“The Autonomics, to me, are Portland manifest in band form. These guys assault your senses, taking you from a dancey bliss to a headbanging, body slamming frenzy. Taking indie rock, pop punk, and dance rock and tying them up into a pretty package. … [Read more]

Photos From The Portland Pick

Thanks, Michael Reiersgaard, The Portland Pick's Lead Photographer and Social Media Strategist! Great photos from our album release party at Portland's Analog Cafe and Little Theatre.  PHOTOS   … [Read more]

PDXPick.com Review and Video

" The Autonomics has an established fan base in Portland, OR, they pack venues, and you would’ve guessed that Evan has been playing drums his entire life. The Autonomics’ goal is to get people to have a good time and forget their worries....They are … [Read more]

‘Trust Your Instincts’ New Album Review

"The Autonomics find fertile ground where blues-based rock traditions intersect with wiry, antiestablishment punk. Close your eyes tight enough, and you just might see a shaggy dude pluck last year's caustic Cloud Nothings album off a shelf packed … [Read more]

Autonomics Spring 2013 Tour

Here our the upcoming spring 2013 tour dates: 5-15 Medford, OR -- Johnny B's 5-16 Redding, CA -- Bombays 5-17 Bishop, CA -- McMurrys 5-18 Las Vegas, NV -- Bunkhouse 5-20 Mesa, AZ -- Hollywood Alley 5-21 Albuquerque, NM -- Hooligans 5-22 … [Read more]